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ABOUT THE SHOW | Art as Change: 1960's Revolutionary Images | Annual Fundraising Exhibition

Art as Change offers a rare chance to see significant, privately-owned art and design pieces: ‘Summer of Love’ posters, iconic works by Warhol, Wesselmann, Lichtenstein, Bertoia, and Eames plus classic Harley motorcycles side-by-side with a VW Beetle and 1967 Jaguar XKE.  Art has always been a vehicle for change. In The Sixties, new ideas and approaches drove a powerful aesthetic revolution. Art became a release; renewed social and cultural consciousness led to political activism, civil rights, and women’s liberation.

Exhibit on display: October 13-29, 2017 
Opening Celebration: Friday, October 13, 2017 (ticket options below)

Gallery Hours:   Monday-Saturday 9AM-5PM | Special Sunday Hours, 12 to 4pm October on 10/15, 10/22, and 10/29


10/17 Vietnam War Lecture

Voices from the Vietnam War Era: An informed community discussion about America's involvement in Southeast Asia.

Tuesday, 10/17, 5:30pm to 7:30pm, lecture starting at 6pm

A variety of perspectives about one of the most controversial events in American history, the Vietnam War. The discussion will explore the political, military and, especially, the human dimensions of a war that forever changed the way Americans thought about themselves and their place in the world.


◦ Joe Altimari, Vietnam War Veteran (1969)

◦ Lowell Gardenhour, Indochina War Veteran (1954)

◦ Karl Helicher, Retired director of Upper Merion Library and former host of Book Chat, West Chester University alum

◦ Dr. Robert J. Kodosky, West Chester University History Department Chair

◦ John Meicht, Vietnam War Veteran (1966), Vietnam Veterans Against the War

◦ Daravaan Yi, Guidance Counselor at the Community College of Philadelphia and a survivor of the genocide in Cambodia

◦ Moderator: Lawrence Davidson, Veteran, a member of SDS in the 1060’s, and West Chester Director of Veteran’s Affairs

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10/19 A Social Justice Conversation

A Social Justice Conversation

Thursday, 10/19, 5:30pm to 7:30pm, lecture starting at 6pm

A conversation on Civil Rights in the 60s to achieving Lives of Consequence: Why Dr. King’s movement must be continually re-narrated to achieve social justice for all marginalized people today.



Dr. Robert Hanna, first African American doctor in Coatesville

The Honorable Harry Lewis Jr., PA House of Representatives, 74th District

Regina Horton Lewis

Leon Spencer

Chaya Scott, Director of Coatesville Youth Initiative  

Sam Stratton, Attorney

Moderator: Reginald A. Ward

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10/24 Summer of Love & the Music Lecture

Summer of Love & the Music

Tuesday, 10/24, 5:30pm to 7:30pm, lecture starting at 6pm

Insights into the Summer of Love phenomenon: the early origins of the San Francisco posters plus the bands, venues and music promoters that led to Woodstock and beyond.


Richard Chalfant, artist

Steve Johnson, DJ, WYSP Program Director 1976-79

Peter Quarracino, artist and musician


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10/26 Knoll: Defining Modern Lecture

Knoll: Defining Modern

Thursday, 10/26, 5:30pm to 7:30pm, lecture starting at 6pm 

An insider’s look at the founding of Knoll; Florence Knoll’s drive and legacy; iconic Knoll designers; and past and present modernism.

Guest Speaker: Linda Kasper

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10/29 Closing Reception

Closing Reception:  Meet & Mingle with the Collectors

Sunday, 10/29, 2pm to 4pm, lecture starting at 2:30pm

An opportunity for reflective conversation - dialogue with other artists, collectors, and CCAA members to bring a close to our throw-back show, Art as Change.  The artwork tells a story of it’s own from the perspective of many passionate artists of the time, and will leave us a little wiser and definitely inspired

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